My Vision for Vermont

Vermont has never been typical

No matter what happens in politics elsewhere, Vermonters still believe in collaboration across the aisles. Our town meeting tradition endures because we listen when our neighbors talk and work together to craft solutions to our problems. This is a state which sent both Republican Jim Jeffords and Progressive Bernie Sanders to the U.S. Congress; we value hard work and fighting for Vermonters, regardless of political persuasion. In this tradition, I am a proud Democrat, but not a smug one. I am a woman of strong ideals—fairness, kindness, and opportunity, among them. But I am not an ideologue. I love a great conversation, and I enjoy finding the critical connections between ideas that get the job done; that’s how coalitions are forged.

We have so much talent here in the best corner of Vermont. We can work together to address our many urgent needs.

  • Attract and keep young workers here to replace the retiring workforce
  • Give young people the necessary training to fill area jobs
  • Build a diverse, dynamic post-VY economy
  • Adjust the school funding system to help combat rising property taxes
  • Ensure that single payer health care financing works well for small businesses
  • Celebrate and support the arts, agriculture and business. We need them all in order to have a healthy, vibrant economy
  • Build connections between educators, law enforcement, the medical community and social services to combat the growing heroin problem
  • Build stronger regional relationships and look for regional solutions to our economic and tax problems

I will work hard to stay in touch with constituents from all over the county, maintaining a website with updates about important legislative business and posting relevant news on social media.  I also intend to keep writing my weekly editorial column in the Brattleboro Reformer. I want my readers  and constituents to continue to know what’s on my mind, and I want them to have a clear channel to tell me what’s on theirs.

We can meet the challenges ahead.  Let’s get going!
Becca Balint: Working for Windham County