My Work in the Senate

In my first term in the Senate, I worked hard to build positive relationships with constituents, businesses, nonprofits and organizations, as well as with my colleagues in the legislature. Here are just a few of the issues I supported in the Senate:

Earned Sick Time legislation (Paid Leave)

I was one of two key Senators who shepherded this important bill through the committee
process. This legislation will assist thousands of working families throughout Vermont.

Downpayment Assistance

The hugely successful new first time homebuyer downpayment assistance program made it possible for many Vermonters to buy a home. It will also enable young families to stay in

Consumer Protection Bills

I helped to push through stronger regulations for rent-to-own businesses so that low-income Vermonters will not be forced to pay obscenely high interest rates and fees. We also passed legislation that protects Vermonters from fraudulent users of Internet dating sites.

Access to voting

I was very proud to be part of the advancements we made in expanding access to voting: sameday voter registration and automatic voter registration at the DMV. While other states seek to restrict voting access, we are making it easier for citizens to vote.

Affordable dental and medical care

We passed the Dental Practitioners Bill that will expand much-needed access to dental care for low and moderate income Vermonters. I also fought to allocate money for the study of an expansion of Dr. Dynasaur so that more Vermonters can get the health care coverage they need.

Workforce training

I advocated for allocating funds to update the labs at Vermont Technical College and at
Castleton University. This will help to keep talented students at our programs in Vermont and will expand our qualified workforce pool.

Criminal justice reform

I supported the creation of a committee to closely examine our corrections system. Part
of this conversation will include what it would take, both financially and structurally, to
bring home all the Vermont inmates who have been placed out of state.

Fair and Impartial Policing Committee

I am proud to serve on this Vermont State Police committee which brings together law
enforcement, activists, advocates, legislators and community members to make meaningful change towards truly non-biased policing in our state.

I continue to believe that there are real, concrete steps we can take so all Vermonters can build a life here. I am eager to continue making this change.