“Becca Balint is just the type of citizen legislator we need in the Vermont Senate. She is open minded, a deep thinker, as well as someone who will listen carefully to all sides of an issue. She possesses a passion for finding solutions that work for people. These traits, in combination with her broad experiences in the fields of education and community development, will allow her to serve the people of Windham County and the state of Vermont well. I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy for Vermont State Senate.”
Mike Friel, Vermont’s 2009 Principal of the Year

“It thrills me to think about someone like Becca Balint in Montpelier – someone who will bring understanding of the intricacies and realities of education and community development to the forefront of our state’s decision-making process. Moreover, I have always been impressed with the depth of Becca’s analytic mind in all matters. She is a creative problem solver and nothing short of a brilliant mind. I support her candidacy with tremendous enthusiasm.”
Molly Stoner, highly respected Dummerston educator

“I was very excited when I learned that Becca was running for Vermont State Senate for Windham County. I have gotten to know Becca through economic development and education efforts over the last few years. She is a listener and empathetic thinker. She has a wonderful ability to see things from many perspectives. I am confident that her thoughtful approach to civic participation will serve Windham County well.”
William (Bill) Anton, award-winning principal at The Dover School

“I work with Becca on the SeVeds Workforce Development Committee, and I find her to be very thoughtful, insightful and sincere. I believe that one of Becca’s real strengths is that she understands the challenges facing the business community in Southern Vermont – and what I mean by business community is both small businesses as well as our larger employers who need several types of skilled workers. She really understands how critical it is to our collective overall long term viability that we support and grow our business community by attracting, developing and cultivating a qualified workforce. I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of Becca becoming an advocate and a fresh voice in Montpelier for all of us, and I know she will work tirelessly on our behalf to make a difference.”
Jill Zachary, ROV Technologies

“Windham County and Vermont are blessed to have Senator Balint representing us in Montpelier. She exemplifies the kind of thoughtful, inspired and compassionate leadership we deserve and, frankly, yearn for.  Senator Balint is a dynamic, critical thinker who values all voices. I also appreciate Becca’s humor and humanity when it comes to addressing the complex and challenging issues we face.”
Chad Simmons, Early Childhood Education nonprofit

“I strongly endorse Becca Balint for Vermont State Senate from Windham County. She has shown by her writing and actions that she understands the issues that face the county and state, knows that many are very difficult to address successfully, and that despite the difficulty we as a community and state have to take on the challenge. The challenges we face individually and collectively are well within her talent to understand and address. She is intelligent, very well informed, and hard working. I have utter confidence that Becca will represent us well and help lead the state of Vermont to be a far better place to live.”
Jeff Lewis, former Executive Director of the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation

“I’m thrilled to support Becca’s candidacy and grateful that she’s decided to run for elected office. Over the years, I have been deeply impressed by Becca’s creativity and resourcefulness as a problem-solver, as well as her thoughtfulness, integrity, and genuine warmth and caring. We will be lucky to have her representing Windham County!”
Rachel Zamore, therapist

“Political service is profoundly enriched by the contribution of enthusiastic citizens. I value Becca Balint’s curiosity, intelligence, common sense, and heart and would feel superbly represented by her as our Windham County state senator.”
Lois Tresize, Nurse/Midwife